Boars Hair Detail Brush | Braun Automotive

Braun Automotive

  • The A5D & A7D are extremely versatile tools for cleaning both inside and outside of your vehicle. The brush's natural black boar's hair bristles are gentle enough to remove tiny dust particles, but are more than strong enough to deal with those tough jobs like your lugnuts. 

    The A5D is a smaller replica of the A7D brush.  Both brushes provide for scratch-free detailing. For storage, it's recommended that you take advantage of the convenient hanging hole. This will prevent damage to the bristles.


    • Bristle width: A5D is 1 inch wide, A7D is 1 1/4" wide
    • Bristle length: 2.5 inches
    • Manufactured with natural boar’s hair bristles
    • Textured handle
    • Metal free, epoxy set bristles
    • Chemical resistant


  • Directions:

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