Opti-Coat Glass

Optimum Polymer Technologies

  • Opti-Coat Glass Clean & Protect is designed to clean and boost your Opti-Glass™ Pro coating with a simple wipe on, wipe off application.

    Opti-Coat Glass Clean & Protect will clean glass surfaces without streaking while the polymers will bond to glass surfaces and continue to add protection every time you use this product.

    Use Opti-Coat Glass Clean & Protect by itself or in combination with your Opti-Glass™ Pro coating for maximum hydrophobicity and durability.

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    Specially formulated for coated vehicles.

  • 1.  For exterior use only. Do not use if temperature of glass surface exceeds 100F (37C).

    2.  Spray Opti-Coat Glass Clean & Protect liberally to the exterior glass surfaces and wipe clean with an 
    Option-Coat Microfiber Towel.
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