Feynlab Detailer


  • The FEYNLAB™ Detailer was a result of starting with a clean sheet, and working backwards to meet the expectations of what a good Detailer should do. Over 90% of components in this Detailer are unusual for a “detailing spray”. It is easy to see why this product has been so well received by everyone that has tried it!

    FEYNLAB™ Detailer contains our water-based ceramic also found in FEYNLAB™ Ceramic Nano Sealant, which means this product will outlast any other detailer, and most “Sealants” on the market. The Ceramic portion of this product means it will protect from paint fade and UV oxidation when used as a stand-alone product, and can effectively be applied as a paint sealant every 3 months (conservative estimate).
    It can be used for spot cleaning and as a drying aid. It is also compatible with every-part of the vehicle, so over-spray is not an issue.

    The product, once applied, leaves a slick, glossy and hydrophobic surface. It is the perfect Detailer.

  • Directions:

    1.  For spot cleaning or applied as a drying aid.

    2.  Spray 2-3 times a panel and wipe dry with a clean microfiber towel.

  • Coming Soon

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