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  • The "Big Daddy" of Paint Sealants. 

    You will not find a more durable and hydrophobic sealant on the market. Its advanced resin formula creates a tremendous layer of protection, giving you a slick surface and maximum UV defense. Daddy-O introduces a new dimension of gloss and protection to your ride. 

       Application: hand, DA polisher

    • Directions:

       Shake vigorously before each use. Apply to paint using a soft applicator pad or foam finishing pad. Spread the product till it is a thin even layer. One panel on an average vehicle will only need 2-3 dots of Daddy-O. Apply to your entire vehicle and wait 15-20 minutes after teh last panel. To remove, use a clean microfiber towel. Wipe using slow, firm passes.

      Pro Tip:
      For even more gloss and protection, top with Clutch Silica Spray.

      If streaking or "shadowing" occurs on darker vehicles, take a damp microfiber towel and wipe the affected areas using slow, firm passes. Follow with a clean microfiber towel.



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