Wrap Care JP Series


  • Specially formulated for Gloss/Carbon/Brushed Metallic/Chrome and more.

    Croftgate USA's Wrap Care After Care JP Series perfectly cleans and protects car wraps, keeping them looking brand new for the life of the install and it's an environmentally responsible product, which I feel is very important for the workplace.

  • Directions for Wheels:

    1.  Use microfiber towel only.

    2.  Spray Wrap Care on a clean folder microfiber towel to pre-soak towel..

    3.  Spray Wrap Care onto vinyl, paint or glass surface and gently wipe with the pre-soaked micro fiber towel..

    4.  Use a second dry microfiber towel to buff and shine surface. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 until each section is complete.

  • Coming Soon

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