Banana Shine | 16oz

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    Banana Shine is a thin, liquid wax formulated with premium grade carnauba wax and a durable resin. Most thin liquid waxes wash off your vehicle during your next wash but Banana Shine is formulated with a durable resin which extends the life of the wax. Use as often as you want to keep your ride looking dripping wet.

    • Easy on, Easy off!
    • Won't leave any nasty powder and you can use it in direct sun light!
    • Creates an amazing, deep shine. Clear Coat safe. 

    TIP: If using with a sprayer always spray directly on to your applicator to prevent any overspray mess on your vehicle. Always follow up with Ride Shine detail spray for the perfect finish.

    Banana Shine used to make this '57 Chevy shine!





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