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3.5 Gallon Wash Bucket System


  • The 3.5 Gallon Washing System with Dolly includes a heavy-duty 90mil 3.5 Gallon Wash Bucket with a matching leak-proof Gamma Seal Lid, and Grit Guard Insert. This convenient system is ideal for most any car, truck, trailer or boat.

    A must have in every shop or garage!

    The 3.5 Gallon Wash Bucket System includes:

    Grit Guard® Insert
    The Grit Guard is the revolutionary tool that keeps your wash water clean! It stabilizes the water and allows dirt to fall to the bottom of the bucket where it can’t re-contaminate your wash tools. No swirls or scratches!

    3.5 Gallon Bucket
    This 90mil quality bucket is perfect for washing your vehicle, boat, RV, or ATV. You won’t run out of soapy water before the job is done. The bucket is also perfect for transporting and organizing detailing tools. Y

    Gamma Seal® Lid
    The system includes a lid for the 3.5 gallon bucket. This isn’t like a recycled paint bucket – this lid forms a watertight seal. You can fill the bucket with water and transport it without the lid leaking! For car collectors who participate in car shows, this is a great feature. Believe it or not, some of these enthusiasts use nothing but distilled water on their vehicles and they’ll actually bring it to the car show if it’s not available on site. That’s dedication!

    Wash System includes:
    Grit Guard®
    3.5 Gallon Bucket
    Gamma Seal® Lid

    Proudly MADE IN U.S.A.


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