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    Shine Mist is going to change the way you clay.

    Unlike most clay lubricants on the market that only highlight “slickness”, Shine Mist focuses on “grab” as well. What this means is that when using Shine Mist, your clay bar or synthetic clay product will actually pull fall out and deposits off your paint with ease instead of just skimming over it.

    Shine Mist also doubles as an excellent wax free detail spray for those finicky situations such as coating maintenance and paint sealant removal.


  • Directions:
    Shake well. Spray product directly onto the surface and immediately begin the claying process. Make sure there is always enough Shine Mist in the panel to glide your clay bar effortlessly across the surface. Wipe dry with a soft microfiber towel when area is complete. 

    Pro Tips:
    For use when cycling any of our compounds; spray. Shine Mist directly on panel towards the end of your polishing cycle. This method extends the cycle time of the compound and in many cases gives a better finish. 


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